Work Structure

The project action plan consists of five joint activities.

WP1 – Coordination and Management - will execute the Project in the most competent way, and effectively administer people, project meetings, relations, and documents.

WP2 – Training – building on the existing expertise and successful collaboration experience of IIAP, will develop training modules to further build Centre’s competency in ICT and facilitate its participation in FP7.

WP3 – Networking and Dissemination – will support networking of IIAP with other research centres in view of disseminating scientific information, identifying partners and setting up joint projects and new EU project proposals.

WP4 – Pilot Projects – will carry out four research Pilot Projects in ICT between EU and IIAP scientists; closely coordinate, them in order to identify cooperation perspectives in these areas; monitor and analyze the performance to predict the bottlenecks and propose the ways for their removal.

WP5 – Strategy and Recommendations – will develop strategy that will allow IIAP to increase its regional coverage and to improve responses to the socio-economic needs of Armenia and of the region.


August 2017

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