European Centre for Knowledge and Technology Transfer (EUROTEX) is an international non-profit association, established in 1999 under the Belgian law, and devoted to the transfer of knowledge, innovation and technology between countries of the Western and Central Europe and Eastern Europe and Central Asia (EECA), to the mutual benefit of all countries involved. EUROTEX was the brainchild of some members of INTAS General Assembly and the Council of Scientists, joined by some leading scientists and science administrator, including the former Russian minister of science B. Saltykov and former PM of Armenia and the President of the National Academy of Sciences F. Sarkisian. During 2001–2004, EUROTEX prepared and coordinated €0.9 million EU IST Infrastructure Action Project ADONIS (Application Development Outsourcing to the New Independent States). ADONIS focused on promotion for EU organizations and companies of software development outsourcing to the NIS. It involved 10 partners from 7 countries, as well as 16 pilot projects, involving a further 27 organisations from eight EU and NIS countries. Vice-President of RAS (and former Russian minister of science) V. Fortov was Participant of ADONIS, as well as the Vice-Presidents of Ukrainian and Armenian National Academies of Sciences. Since 2005, EUROTEX successfully managed several technology transfer projects with Russia, Ukraine, and Armenia. In May 2010 EUROTEX will start coordination of the ICT CSA Project EU-RU.NET (Linking R&D Strategies, Foresight and Stimulation of EU-Russia Cooperation in Nanoelectronics Technology) with 10 participant organizations, including the German Fraunhofer Society, French Commissariat for Atomic Energy, Italian Research Council, Belgian Microelectronics Centre IMEC, and the Russian Academy of Sciences, led by its Vice-President 2000 Physics Nobel Laureate Zhores Alferov.

EUROTEX is a participant of INARMERA project from the first ERA-WIDE Call, targeting Center of Medical Genetics and Primary Health Care in Yerevan, Armenia.

Relevant Experience


  • Successful coordination of €0.9 million EU IST Infrastructure Action Project ADONIS
  • Monitoring of over 200 INTAS projects
  • Coordination of DG INFSO EU-RU.NET CSA project
  • Participation in INARMERA project (from the first ERA-WIDE Call)





August 2017

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